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Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline Diamond

Diabrasive Choice Monocrystalline Diamond 

Metallographic Monocrystalline Diamond

 Monocrystalline Diamond is a cost-effective option for good stock removal and finish. It has a slightly irregular shape with multiple cutting edges, making it suitable for general metallographic applications where the features of Polycrystalline Diamond are not required.


Diabrasive Premium Polycrystalline Diamond 

Metallographic Polycrystalline Diamond

 Polycrystalline Diamond offers higher removal rates due to its many cutting surfaces per particle. It maintains its original shape while cutting, resulting in finer finishes in less time compared to Monocrystalline Diamond. Additionally, Polycrystalline Diamond has no cleavage planes, which prevents splintering and reduces sub-surface deformation of the specimen. It is an excellent choice for polishing metallographic samples consisting of different materials or varying hardness levels.



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