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EpoPro Castable Epoxy

For casting metallographic samples, EpoPro proves to be an exceptional epoxy system. It generates mounts that are relatively hard and exhibit minimal shrinkage, surpassing acrylic casting systems in this regard. Additionally, this product is odorless and boasts a cure time of 5-8 hours at room temperature.

Castable Epoxy Technical Guide
Material Epoxy
Product EpoPro
Resin Liquid Epoxy, Viscosity 600cps
Hardener Liquid Hardener, Viscosity 300cps
Mixing by weight 50g resin: 10g hardener
Mixing by volume 5 parts resin: 1 part hardener
Cure time 5-8 hrs at room temperature
Peak temperature 175°C (347°F)
Shrinkage Low
Color Transparent
Hardness 83 Shore D
Benefits Increased edge retention, Harder cured mount, Reduced shrinkage


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